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July 2018


It is with great pleasure I am writing you this note of blessings about a recognition I received.I have been chosen as one of 28 nominees for 2018 MLS WORKS Community MVP. Each year, Major League Soccer and Wells Fargo proudly recognize individuals throughout the United States and Canada who are using soccer to improve the lives of others. One (1) Community MVP is selected to represent each of the 23 MLS clubs. Winners are recognized, both nationally and locally. All 23 finalists are invited to the 2018 MLS All-Star Game presented by Target in Atlanta, Georgia where the Grand Prize winner will be announced. The Grand Prize winner, based on online and Twitter voting results, will receive a $25,000 donation to their selected charity.

A little history:

In the year 1997 I was asked to work alongside the Columbus Crew professional soccer organization's Community Relations Department as a partnership program. From then until now Kicks for Kids has been serving in and around the Columbus community and making a lifelong impact in the lives of our community's children by promoting health and wellness, providing education and community benefit programs, and preventing and curbing youth obesity, diabetes, and youth violence. Kick for Kids' accomplishments include:
•  Bringing awareness to the plight of lower income inner city youth
•  Reaching kids with soccer and steering them clear of obstacles to a healthy childhood
•  Giving them chaperones, coaches and role models
•  Providing kids an opportunity to be at Major League Soccer games with free entry, meals and transportation, to participate on the field as fans at pregames and meeting the professional players.

The program has blessed and continues to bless many boys and girls through the years. It has been endorsed by the Columbus Public Health Department, Nationwide Children's Hospital, Columbus Recreation and Parks Department, Columbus City Council Board, Columbus City Schools, Lions Clubs International, Columbus, Ohio Division of Police, Franklin County Children Services, Central Ohio Workforce Investment Corporation, Columbus Near East Physical Health Sub-Committee, Columbus State Community College, and many other institutions locally and statewide. They all believe in We, why wouldn't you do the same?

Much thanks to the Columbus Crew F. C. Foundation, their staff and players. It has not been, and may never be an easy journey. It's a journey we have shared with many organizations from Pass Back to Player Participation throughout the States. Therefore, let us as leaders, coaches, parents, teachers and staff move forward in this community drive seeking that which satisfies, sustains and nourishes us as leaders in the blessing of going and doing the will of God "hour by hour, life by life," for the children and community at large.

Experience and more intense training better prepares leaders, coaches, and players for these achievements. We are in this together, and by giving back in this way we help in a collaborative effort to ensure greater policies to quality education, health and wellness, and career life goals.

Vision is an important guide to victory, and while we identify leaders across the States we will be competing and encouraging others to join in. It is important to know that this opportunity is much more than my being named as a winner of Major League Soccer MVP 2018, but it is about receiving the things needed to cultivate the program, then passing it down, leaving no child behind in the combat against youth obesity, diabetes, and youth violence.

If you continue to do it even though no one notices your efforts... it's a ministry! Your vote for me will make that difference. Please click on this link: before the August 1st, 2:00 p.m. EST deadline and VOTE for MERV BRERETON. You can vote once a day, so vote daily!  LET'S GO CREW!

September 2017

August 2017


Respectful • Empowerment • Athletic • Leadership

Our program is trying to "step up the level," by accommodating older youth - young men and women ages 18-25 - to be a part of our Kicks for Kids Worldwide United Soccer Mentoring program. We have found that having work in training and mentoring these kids from ages 4-18, they achieved so much and many do have skills which can qualify them to be a part of Major League Soccer but because the guiding factor is not there they do not even get the opportunity to even talk to a scout for trials.

In many ways this has caused too many of our local talent to fall by the wayside, getting involved with things they should not or enticed by the wrong crowd and can make them very hard to restore.

We are launching a new program called "KINGS for KIDS" which will allow every young man or woman ages 18-25 to be a part of a program that will be guiding and aiding the youth with assistance in recreation, education, health, wellness, and safety. At the said time they will have an opportunity to give back to the younger ones by way of mentoring.

We do have many young men and women in our Country and local communities who are underprivileged and  can be considered MLS products and for this cause, we do not want their talent and skills to go to waste. Our new program will be going out and knocking on these doors that are so often closed in their faces, get them open and seek fair playing opportunities in the soccer world.

On Thursday, August 3, 2017, we will be gathering at the Monroe Middle School Dream Filled Field, 474 Monroe Avenue, Columbus, at 6:00pm and we are asking you be the first to get the coverage and help us spread this message.

July 2017

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February-March 2017

Kick for Kids WUSAY recently lost its location where indoor activities were held. Specifically, we are need of indoor facilities for classrooms, training and games. We are currently looking for a new place to call home, and are asking the community to help us. Do you know of a good place? For further information and leads, call us at 614-258-4357, or email at


Kicks for Kids would like to extend our sincere thanks to Lowe's Home Improvement for making the kids' backyard garden training area possible for these many years.


November-December 2016


In conjunction with Obesity Month September 2016, we the Kicks for Kicks Soccer Mentoring Program showcased KICKOBESITY during the month of September with program partners and printing T-shirts. Our goal was to print a larger amount of T-shirts than previous year’s total of 5,000 to be distributed throughout the city of Columbus, Ohio. We hoped to have sponsors help cover the cost of the awareness. 

All interested persons or sponsors can contact any Kemba, CME, or PNC financial institution for funding guidelines.


Kicks for Kids will not deny a child from the things he/she deserves. Every child can advance going forward to score their goal! Yeah, it’s a BIG DEAL.

P rofessionalism

R espect

I  ntegrity

D iscipline

E nlighted

Do not be so open minded, that your brains fall out. 

A true soldier fights not because he/she hates what is in front of him/her, but because he/she loves what is behind him/her. (Players, think about this and remember you are a team player).

Life is not about escaping - life is about expecting.

Parents we know you love your kids. Please don't help us coach them on game day.

Game day is about trusting and tying in with the training.

Our coaches don't coach on game day, so please allow us to lead.


614-258-HELP (4357)  

854 E. Main Street, Columbus, OH 43205