Our Mission

We value every child equally, and ensure that training and game opportunities are focused to create an environment that fosters positive growth in health awareness.

Our Purpose

To serve and support the community youth outreach arm of Bible Missionaries Fellowship in leading families into a progressive relationship and a superb redefining vision for their children. 

Our Focus

To provide strength, support, and sacrifice to families within central Ohio with: 

  • Educational support training.
  • Preserving and maintaining a strong family base.
  • Encouraging children with special needs, strengthening their bonds within their homes, schools, and surroundings, and securing their futures.
  • Mentoring our youth to make a difference word by word, hour by hour, life by life. 

About Us

The Kicks 4 Kids board projects calendar meetings and events, administrates structure articles, contacts participants, organizes and coordinates activities, and is a resource to organize youth soccer mentoring worldwide. 

Our History

Kicks 4 Kids Worldwide (K4K) was established in 1995 in Columbus, Ohio with the help of Bible Missionaries Fellowship. K4K began in order to support church growth, to provide ministerial help to schools, and to create an environment that fosters positive youth growth.  The program was extended in 1997 as the mentoring resource. It was adopted to assist community organizations and set stages for health and wellness. For example, KICKOBESITY is one organization in schools to  help families with the goal of life long health impact. From there, we saw the need to implement a way to reach youth physically for eternity through Kicks 4 Kids Worldwide United Soccer Association Youth Inc. 

The organization was founded on the following Biblical prinicples and initiatives:



A CTS 16:17


H EBREWS 11:10